State Elected Officials – “their Mistakes” and how the Taxpayers pay for it

In 2004, 67% of San Diego voters approved a 40-year extension of TransNet, a half-cent sales tax to generate funds for highway, road and public transit projects.
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 The San Diego County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a formal letter calling out a new regional transportation plan that some board members say neglects needed highway improvement in favor of more mass transit. This new overhaul by SANDAG removes 14 highway projects (There were 15 projects in total). Voters are NOW paying an additional 29 years for projects they won’t receive. WHY? Because, SANDAG’s calculations were off — rather than bringing in $14 billion, the TransNet taxes were suppose to bring in, only brought in $9 billion — a shortage of $5 billion. What business that makes an error of $5 billion either stays in business or keeps the people that made the calculation error? ONLY in Government. WHY? Because they can and will simply go back to the taxpayers and ask for money thru new taxes!

But, notice the best part – the devious and deceptive move they made – SANDAG, rather than using the $9 billion for road repairs and improvements moved the money to mass transit projects! The trolley, and the Hi-speed rail to no-where – those are the mass transit projects! It is a fact and shown by SANDAG, that only 3% of the population uses mass transit – that’s 3%! They are going to WASTE $9 BILLION on something only 3% of the population uses. In other words 17,000 people will use this mass transit system — that leaves hundreds of thousands people STILL DRIVING THEIR CARS! Does that make sense to you? The voters voted and approved (at 67% which is very high) a tax to improve and relieve traffic congestion on our highways — mass transit doesn’t do that when people must still use their cars! Most people in North County and East County don’t or can’t use the trolley. WHY? Because, (1) the trolley doesn’t take them to their jobs; (2) they would have to leave at some un-godly hour in the morning to get to work and then they would have to leave early from work just to get home at a decent hour; (3) Once at work they’re limited to doing what they can around their work because they don’t have a car. (of course they could car pool or borrow a car – but that simply still adds to the traffic congestion)

Again, the devious way these elected officials make the taxpayers pay for the mistakes made by government — they decide that you are now an EVIL person if you drive your car! And you are an EVIL person if you don’t buy an electric vehicle to save energy — if you don’t you’re going to kill the planet! Oh, you don’t want to be an evil person, so vote for the next tax to pay for “new green energy.” Here’s an example of how they make it sound good to the voters – “The county must take climate change seriously, and any letter in opposition to SANDAG’s new vision is a step backward.” and “The way to reduce congestion is giving people transit options; Today the majority of the board (meaning SANDAG) made a choice to contribute to increases in greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion. My choice is to fight for a better future and reject the idea of clinging to a failed past.” Now, wouldn’t you feel bad if you vote against mass transit?
Now, what about the Hi-speed rail to no-where? Recently it was reported that, “The estimated cost of building 119 miles of bullet train track in the Central Valley has jumped to $10.6 billion, an increase of $2.8 billion from the current budget and up from about $6 billion originally.” That is a $4 billion mistake – and that number continues to grow because they’re still building it! It raises profoundly difficult questions about how the state will complete what is considered the nation’s largest infrastructure project with the existing funding sources. Another question: Who’s going to use this “bullet train?” Now, of course you do realize that number will be far less than the 3% that use the trolley – so how will that impact traffic? Barely not even noticeable — but they’re wasting billions of dollars to build it.

Here is another example of mistakes made by our government officials that the taxpayers pay for — (though it’s old, but that’s the reason why government officials can introduce NEW taxes because the voters will forget about the mistakes made over a period of time.) April 27, 1994 the Los Angeles Times, reported “The California Department of Motor Vehicles has spent $44 million over the last six years on a computer modernization project it now admits is a hopeless failure, prompting the Legislature to order an investigation.” Now, what happen? Nothing. The taxpayer’s money was spent and the wait at the DMV offices got longer and longer. Now, on August 10, 2018, KTLA News, reported, “The state legislature this week gave the Department of Motor Vehicles an additional $16.6 million in an attempt to alleviate the hours long wait times at the agency’s field offices.” Ok, that’s $44 million for a project that didn’t work and another $16.6 million last year that’s $60.6 Million spent on the DMV and still there are hours long wait times.

Now, again the question is, what business would stay in business if it were making mistakes like calculation errors of $5 billion and developing failed projects that cost them $60 million? So, Why is it that voters continue to allow government to get away with making these kinds of mistakes?

I do hope this makes you sick in the stomach. (oh, and it is YOUR money they’re wasting.)

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